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Bat Pod

Looking for a unique and stylish way to addbat to your shopping cart? look no further than the bat pod cycle and figure! These pieces are perfect for any batman-themed shop or home.

Hot Wheels Bat-Pod Bike New

Hot Wheels Bat-Pod Bike New

By Hot Wheels


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Bat Pod Ebay

The bat pod is a toys-to-play set of hot wheels batman the dark knight figures released in 2009. It features a diecast body and a number of mini-figures associated with the batman series. The pod features two drivers, a number of passengers, and a number of lights and sounds. the 2008 the dark knight bat-pod movie is a collectors item! This product is from mattel, the company that makes products for thebat and other comic book industries. This bat pod is new, and is a part of its mattel dark knight collectors series. The pod is made of aluminum, and is black in color. It is about 12 inches tall, and has a black anodized aluminum finish. The pod is glued to the mattel dark knight collectors series car seat, and is kept clean with a small amount of material left over. thebat pod is a hot wheels bat-pod die-cast that crisis on infinite earths fans will enjoy. It features a strong die-cast arms and a comfortable fit, making it easy for beginners to use. Thebat pod is also built to last, with excellent construction and great features such as an adjustable lighted up screen. thebat pod is a new and sealed bat pod that is available for purchase from the dark knight batman rises 143 scale bat pod store. This bat pod is designed to help with your hot wheeling needs. It features a new design and is a perfect addition to any collection.