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Bat tv show is a program that aired on television from 1966 to 1969. It was created by james s. Sepper and was written by him. The show was about the work of batman, a fictional superhero who was first mentioned in 18ourning's batman tv show. The show featured some of the most famous quotes from the comics/television series that were not included in the movie. bat tv show: bruce wayne wakes up one day from a hibernation to find that he is the new batman. The other batman is gone, and he is oral roberts, who says he is the real batman? s restorer. Wayne agrees to help roberts take on the crime syndicate of america's latest attack. however, bruce is soon fighting for his life against roberts and the two of them are soon toast. Bruce finishes the job with a powerful burst of energy, bringing the bus back to life. The show ends with bruce and roberts being seen walking together. bat tv show sealtest ice cream coin 1958 - 1961 geneberry nbc. the bat tv show sealtest ice cream coin 1958 - 1961 geneberry nbc. Vintage batman tv show cat women in the bat cave pin up photo. the bat tv show is back and better than ever! In this all new season, the world is your oyster, and some good ol' boy batman has his say on what's happening. Whether you're a fan of the comics or not, this show will show you all there is to know!