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Batman Bat Tank

The lego batman 7787 the bat-tank the riddler and banes hideout is a rare new piece of lego that is sure to please fans of the series. This hideout is home to a variety of characters from the superman series, and is also available as a set as well. It is this combination of features and ornaments that make it so this piece is so expensive, but rare.

Dark Knight Returns Bat Tank

The dark knight returns is a movie that is sure to please fans and new fans alike. It is an instant classic and one of the most popular movies of all time. bat tank is back and better than ever! in this movie, the dark knight returns, batman is back and better than ever. He is able to clashes with the new and various other people in this movie, but always manages to take the day off to continue working on his work on the battank. the battank is back and better than ever and we cannot wait to see what else is coming.

Bat Tank Dark Knight Returns

This batman bat tank figurine is a beautiful addition to your batman origins collection. This fig is exacting and accurate to the real thing, and will add a touch of luxury to your room. With its dark blue color and sleek design, this bat tank will make your room lookives and feel like the prime of life. the dark knight returns is back and he's not the same after his fall from the night sky. Your vehicle is the perfect tool to stop him from achieving his goals. Thisbat tank series has him driving in the dark with a dark green color and white grill. He has a dark red stripe down the middle and white side windows. He is also has a dark red and black stripe down the sides. This series has a modern design with the dark red and black stripe down the sides and a modern look on the side. This vehicle is perfect for the modern bat-man series. the mattel batman power attack combat kick bat tank vehicle with 6 batman figure is a great addition to your batman mustache game. This vehicle has a powerful combat kick that can take on many enemies at once. The 6 batman figures in the vehicle make it a perfect choice for kids who want to get their act together and role playing skills. this is a unique lego batman 7787 the bat-tank the riddler and banes hideout. It is a rare european box. It is not available to the public. This box is only for purchase by a small number of customers.