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Rawlings Liquid Metal Softball Bat

This nice rawlings big stick softball bat is perfect for any softball enthusiast. It is a perfect match for any player who wants to improve their softball skills.

Top 10 Rawlings Liquid Metal Softball Bat

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Cheap Rawlings Liquid Metal Softball Bat

The rawlings big stick fplm2 liquidmetal 2 3221 oz softball bat is a high-quality softball bat that is made from rawlests materials. The bat is made from a smooth metal body with a rough surface. It is also made from officials colors and black and white with a red spare nut. The bat has a company logo on the head end and a rawlests logo on the front. This softball bat is made to provide you with the best power and speed when you are playing softball. this fplmpm 3021 rawlings liquidmetal2 fastpitch softball bat is a great new addition to your softball team! It is a heavy-duty bat that is designed to provide good energy and performance. It is made from heavy-duty materials that ensure that this bat will last long. This bat is also made from durable materials, making it a great choice for those who are using this bat for a long period of time. this is a great softball bat for those with a like mind. The power and strength of the liquid metal allows for a slow pitches that are hard to hit. The 12. 5 silver hard case also includes a small case for carry. this is a rawlings plasma liquidmetal fplmp 3220 fast pitch softball bat. It is 2 34 inch long and has a green color. It is made of strong and durable materials.