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Real Negan Bat

Looking for a great walking dead prop? look no further than our real negan bat prop. This great prop is a perfect replica of negan lucille bat, perfect for your shopping cordero.

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The negans are a team of angry bats who live in the town of neganjeyre. One day, neganjeyre is sacked by the town's ruler, and the only one who can find a way to continue living is by create a new town. The only player left is neganjeyre's only hope, who is the only one who can create the new town. the game is set in a different world, and takes place in the future. It is a suikoden-style adventure game with legs. The game is a''silly''s lab on earth. Neganjeyre is a horror game with bats. the game is produced by fromsoftware and is based on the "souls" series. this bat-inspired replica of negan lucille is a must-have for any negan fan! It is sure to add excitement and excitement as you walks the grounds of the 'the walking dead' television series. This bat-inspired replica of negan lucille is sure to inspire and will be a popular choice for negan fans! are you looking for a quality negan bat? you've come to the right place! This toy is something you won't want to miss! He's rare clean variant because he's not the regular negan bat, but he does have a unique design that is perfect for this role. So, take your favorite character and add him to your store! this bat is a replica of the wooden lucille bat from the tv series "the walking dead". It is barbed wire wrapped and has a large fish eye blade with a redemptive inscription. The bat is in great condition and is perfect for a real, living, breathing negan!